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BExTS110 Explosion Proof Telephone Initiated Alarm Horn

The flameproof BExTS110 telephone initiated sounders are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. Approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards.

Sound level ouputs are up to 117dB(A) at 1 metre with a choice of 32 alarm tones. The ring-tone circuit senses the ringing voltage on the telephone line and swtiches the supply onto signal until the telephone is answered. The sound can be continuous or it can follow the telephone ring (selectable option). 
The BEx range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade copper free LM6 aluminium with chromate and powder coat finish.


Maximum output: 117dB(A) @ 1 metre [108dB(A) @ 10ft/3m]
Nominal output: 110dB(A) @ 1m +/- 3dB - Tone 2 [101dB(A) @ 10ft/3m]
No. of tones: 32 (UKOOA / PFEER compliant)
Effective range: 100m/328ft @ 1KHz
Voltages AC: 115vac; 230vac
Ingress protection: IP66/67
Enclosure matl: Marine grade copper free LM6 Aluminium
Enclosure finish: Chromate & powder coated finish - anti-corrosion.
Colour: RAL3000 Red
Grey RAL7038
Special - available on request
BExTS110 flare: High impact UL94 V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Cable entries: Dual M20 ISO (one stopping plug inc)
Terminals: 0.5 - 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Enclosure volume: <2 litres
Relative humidity: 95% - Additional tropicalisation is recommended for applications where both high relative humidity and high ambient temperatures exist
Weight : 3.20kg/7.04Ibs
*SPL data +/-3dB(A). Measured at optimum voltage.

Current Consumption

Version: Voltage: Current:
115V ac 50Hz/60Hz +/-10% 110mA
230V ac 50Hz/60Hz +/-10% 56mA

Part Codes

Version: Part code:
Product type: BExTS110 Explosion proof Telephone Initiated Alarm
Type: DF Ex d, Flare re-entrant horn
Voltage: AC115
115V ac
240V ac
Cable Entry Type:[e]

2 x M20x1.5mm
2 x 1/2" NPT - adaptors
2 x 3/4" NPT - adaptors
2 x M25x1.5mm - adaptors
1 x 1/2" NPT - adaptor
1 x 3/4" NPT - adaptor
1 x M25x1.5mm - adaptor
M20 stopping plugs for unused entries supplied
plug material: [m]
Nickel Plated
Stainless Steel
Bracket material: [s] 1
A2 304 Stainless Steel
A4 316 Stainless Steel
A2 304 St/St with Equip. Tag
A4 316 St/St with Equip. Tag (304)
Product version: [v] A1 Default - IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC & INMETRO
Enclosure colour: [x] R
Red RAL3000
Grey RAL7038
Special - contact E2S


  • II 2G Ex d IIB T4 Ta -50° to +70°C
  • II 2G Ex d IIC T4 Ta -50° to +55°C
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIC T100°C Db Ta -50°C to +55°C
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIC T115°C Db Ta -50°C to +70°C

Tone Table

Stage 1 WAV file Frequency Description.
T 1   Continuous 1000Hz Toxic Gas Alarm
T 2   Alternating 800/1000Hz at 0.25s intervals
T 3   Slow Whoop 500/1200Hz at 0.3Hz with 0.5s gap repeated
T 4   Sweeping 800/1000 at 1Hz
T 5   Continuous at 2400Hz
T 6   Sweeping 2400/2900Hz at 7Hz
T 7   Sweeping 2400/2900Hz at 1Hz
T 8   Siren 500/1200/500Hz at 0.3Hz
T 9   Sawtooth 1200/500Hz at 1Hz
T 10   Alternating 2400/2900Hz at 2Hz
T 11   Intermittent 1000Hz at 0.5Hz General alarm
T 12   Alternating 800/1000Hz at 0.875Hz
T 13   Intermittent 2400Hz at 1Hz
T 14   Intermittent 800Hz 0.25s on 1s off
T 15   Continuous at 800Hz
T 16   Intermittent 660Hz 150mS on, 150mS off
T 17   Alternating 544Hz (100mS)/440Hz(400mS)
T 18   Intermittent 660Hz 1.8s on, 1.8s off
T 19   1400Hz to 1600Hz sweep up over 1s -1600Hz to 1400Hz sweep down over 0.5s
T 20   Continuous 660Hz
T 21   Alternating 554/440Hz at 1Hz
T 22   Intermittent 554Hz at 0.875Hz
T 23   800Hz pulsing at 2Hz
T 24   Sweeping 800/1000Hz at 50Hz
T 25   Sweeping 2400/2900Hz at 50Hz
T 26   Simulated bell sound
T 27   Continuous 554Hz
T 28   Continuous 440Hz
T 29   Sweeping 800/1000Hz at 7Hz
T 30   420Hz repeating 0.625s on, 0.625s off Australian alert signal
T 31   1200/500Hz at 1 Hz Prepare to Abandon Platform
T 32   Sweeping 500/1200Hz 3.75s on, 0.25s off 15Hz
Country specific or custom tone configurations and alarm frequencies are available upon request.