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D2xB1LD2-H UL1971 Haz Loc Đèn Led Đồng bộ hóa

D2xB1LD2-H được tự động đồng bộ hóa nhấp nhay và sáng được kiểm tra theo tiêu chuẩn UL1971 được áp dụng cho các hệ thống báo cháy, ADA cho người khiếm thị. Các tiêu chuẩn được chứng nhận UL/cUL cho Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, Class I Zone 2/22, IECEx và ATEX cho Zone 2 và 22 áp dụng cho các khi vực nguy hiểm.

The D2x1BLD2-H utilizes an array of high power Cree® LED's, orientated to optimize visibility in any direction. Multiple D2xB1LD2-H units will auto-synchronize when powered from the same power source removing the need for any additional sync modules on the circuit. The D2xB1LD2-H contains a supervisory diode and duplicated pluggable terminals that not only simplify installation but also enable a 4 wire connection. UL1971 effective candela rating of 38.38cd.


Source: Array of 4 x High Power Cree® LED's
Modes: 1Hz flash (60 fpm)
1.3Hz flash (80 fpm)
2Hz flash (120 fpm
Eff. Intensity cd: 38.38 cd UL1971 Public mode fire
Eff. Intensity cd: 180 cd UL1638 General signaling
Peak Intensity cd: 300,000 cd
LED life: >60,000 hours
Synchronization: Flash rates synchronize for a minimum of 2 hours per UL1971
Voltage: 24V dc (16-33V dc)
In-rush: 1.88A for 2ms
Ingress protection: IP rating per EN60529:IP66
Type rating per UL50E/NEMA250:4/4X/3R/13
Enclosure material: Marine grade LM6 aluminum alloy
Enclosure colour: Red (RAL3000)
Lens material: Borosilicate glass
Cable entries: 2 x M20x1.5, 2 x 1/2"NPT, 1 x 3/4"NPT
Stopping plugs: Nickel Plated Brass plugs included
Ground/Earth stud: M5
Terminals: 0.5 - 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Line monitoring: Blocking diode included
EOL can be factory fitted
Operating temp: -40 to +50°C [-40° to +122°F]
Storage temp: -40 to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 95%
Weight: 1.5kg/3.31Ibs

Current Consumption


24V dc
16-33V dc
1Hz (60fpm)
1.3Hz (80 fpm)
2Hz (120fpm)

Part Codes

Part Code: Ident.: Description:
Product type: D2xB1LD2 LED Beacon
Voltage: DC024 24V dc (16-33Vdc)
Cable entries: [e] M 2 x 1/2” NPT
2 x M20x1.5
1 x 3/4” NPT
Stopping plug material: [m] N Nickel plated brass
Lens Guard: [s] 0 No lens Guard
Version: [v] H1 UL, cUL, IECEx & ATEX - UL1971
Enclosure: [x] R Red RAL3000
Lens colour: [y] C Clear
e.g: D2xB1LD2DC024MN0H1R/C D2xB1LD2-H LED Beacon, 24Vdc
nickel plated brass stopping plugs,
UL, cUL, IECEx & ATEX approved - UL1971
Red enclosure with Clear lens
Also available as the D2xC2LD2-H combined alarm horn sounder and LED beacon


  • NEC / CEC: Class I Div 2 ABCD T4 Ta -40°C to +50°C 
    Class I Div 2 ABCD T4A Ta -40°C to +40°C 
    Class II Div 2 EFG T6 Ta -40°C to +50°C 
    Class III Div 1&2 Ta -40°C to +50°C 
  • NEC: Class I Zone 2 AEx nA IIC T4 Gc (Ta -40°C to +50°C) 
    Zone 22 AEx tc IIIC 75°C Dc (Ta -40°C to +50°C) 
  • CEC: Class I Zone 2 Ex nA IIC T4 Gc X (Ta -40°C to +50°C) 
    Zone 22 Ex tc IIIC 75°C Dc (Ta -40°C to +50°C) 
  • IECEx & ATEX: II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc (Ta -40°C to +50°C) 
    II 3D Ex tc IIIC 75°C Dc (Ta -40°C to +50°C)

Multi-function patterns

Stage 1:
[On board]
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Steady High Power Flashing 1Hz † Triple Strike
Steady Low Power Flashing 1Hz † Triple Strike
Flashing 1Hz † 2x Flash 2Hz Triple Strike
Flashing 1.3Hz † Flashing 2Hz † Double Strike
Flashing 2Hz † Triple Strike Triple Strike
Double Strike Steady High Power Triple Strike
Triple Strike Flashing 2Hz † Double Strike
† Setting permitted for use as public mode fire alarm device